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Why a smile makeover?

It is said that the lower face makes up half of a person’s facial beauty.

A nice smile immediately forms an impression in ones mind.

At Railway Dental we believe that the attractiveness of a well balanced, broad and symmetrical smile is important for an individual’s attitude and psychological state of mind.

Now everyone can afford a glamorous, whiter and straighter smile, for a fraction of the traditional cost of veneers. Dr Faragallah can create a beautiful new smile for you in two short visits, with no pain, no anesthetic, and no grinding down of healthy tooth structure in most cases.

An ideal smile is determined by many attributes, some of which incorporate the “Gold Ratio” used by Leonardo Davinci in the Mona Lisa.

There are many ways to improve and perfect a smile.

Porcelain veneers are a quick and easy way to beautify a smile.

At Railway Dental, we use Emax porcelain made by expert technicians on the Gold Coast.

The procedure is simple:

  1. An initial quick impression is taken to pre-make temporary veneers.
  2. You then come for a second impression where some of the teeth are prepared and the temporaries are inserted.

The temporary veneers are on for one to two weeks, and give you a chance to ‘test-drive” the teeth.You can then critically  evaluate your teeth, and if you want the shape or color changed then it happens.

We recommend sourcing a picture of a smile that you feel is appealing and we will design your veneers to be similar.

 This is an extreme makeover without the extreme price tag.

These state-of-the-art veneers are super thin yet remarkably strong, so teeth require little preparation.

Fast & Painless Veneers

Traditional veneer systems are often destructive and non-conservative, requiring considerable removal of healthy tooth structure to make room for the veneers.

But not here! Surface preparation is usually minimal, without damaging the healthy tooth tissue. So there are no needles, no anesthesia and most importantly no drilling in most cases.


It is important that the dentist is well trained in the field of cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry to facilitate the correct transformation into a beautiful smile.

At Railway Dental, our dentists have dental cosmetic training with multiple reputable organisations including the Los Angeles Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry.

The Cost

Make your dream smile a reality without the high cost!

Now everyone can afford to experience the confidence and joy of a stunning smile.

Finally, it’s smile design based on your desires, not your budget. Our custom designed porcelain veneers can be yours for as little as a quarter of the price of what some dentists charge.

And at Railway Dental we provide a 1 year replacement guarantee for our Emax veneers.