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Let’s talk baby teeth!

A young boy after losing two baby teeth, exfol...

A young boy after losing two baby teeth, exfoliated in response to the permanent teeth beneath, which will erupt through the gums to take their place. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just found a fantastic collection of resources on the Australian Dental Association’s website providing detailed info covering right from pregnancy, all the way up until your child loses their last baby tooth!  

Did you know that it’s quite common for people to be congenitally missing some adult teeth, and sometimes baby teeth are retained well into adulthood!

Primary teeth (baby teeth) are structurally and functionally a lot different to permanent adult teeth. Parents, teachers, and any other child-care workers should all be educated about the significance!

Decay travels faster through primary teeth, so it’s particularly important that children are getting check-ups every 6 months if they are taking good care of their teeth, and every 3 months if they’re not!  


I’ll never forget listening to a lecture from a specialist orthodontist when I was working in Tasmania on oral hygiene in children.  

She recommend:

Parents brush their children’s teeth EVERY DAY until their child is TEN YEARS OLD!!!

I was shocked when I heard that, but the specialist pointed out that children don’t have sufficient dedication to clean their teeth properly every day, and that it can even be considered negligent of a parent not to ensure that their children’s teeth are cleaned well and checked regularly.  Good to know, right?


The website covers the recommendations relating to oral hygiene from infancy, provides info about teething, and another really important issue that people often don’t ask about: the effects of THUMB-SUCKING on the development of your jaw bones, and the effect THAT has on the straightness of your child’s teeth, and their face shape!

The info is easy to read and understand, plus downloadable and printable, and I recommend that every parent with children less than 15 years old, and everyone working in the child-care industry should have a browse.


Let me know what you think!

-Dr KT

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